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Net Zero Concrete Home Certified LEED Platinum

November 2009

The Net Zero Concrete Home that The Wall Company helped construct in partnership with Habitat for Humanity Central Arizona and Salt River Material Group has been certified LEED Platinum. In an awards ceremony at the home during "Green Build 2009", S. Richard Fedrizzi, President/CEO of the U.S. Green Building Council personally presented the Team with the LEED Platinum Award. The project demonstrates the effective use of concrete to build a strong and highly energy efficient home. For more information about this innovative project visit www.netzerohabitat.com.

The Wall Company Volunteers It's Services in Support of Habitat for Humanity

August 2009

The Wall Company has volunteered labor for a Habitat for Humanity home here in Phoenix, Arizona. The home, located at 11 N 28th Avenue in Phoenix is a proof of concept home that will bring together the latest innovations in concrete home construction.  In addition the home is designed to be "net-zero" meaning it will produce as much energy as it consumes.  The home is being built using the Hercuwall building system which is supplied by HercuWall along with the labor and technical support. For more information about this innovative project visit www.netzerohabitat.com.

Dennis Orth Heads Up Operations For The Wall Company

July 2009

Dennis Orth has joined The Wall Company as General Manager. Dennis brings over 30 years of experience and knowledge in the concrete construction industry to our team. As a teen, Dennis started at the ground level in his family’s concrete business. While fully engaged in the field of construction, he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in architectural engineering and an Associate degree in construction management from Northern Kentucky University. As his career progressed, he worked as a draftsman, then as an estimator and manager of commercial, industrial, and structural concrete jobs for one of the largest concrete companies in the United States. In addition to his work experience, Dennis has held various board offices for professional organizations including the American Concrete Institute, American Subcontractors Association, American Society of Concrete Contractors, Arizona Concrete Contractors Association, Tilt-up Concrete Association, and Post-Tensioning Institute.

The Wall Company Moves To Help Save The Environment.

May 2009

The Wall Company has transformed it's entire fleet to now run on B100 Biodiesel.  The results have been positive: reuse  of what was once a waste product, and limiting of petrodiesel use which is dirtier and imported.  B100 has better lubricating properties than petrodiesel so it is actually prolonging the engine life of the entire fleet. In addition to being easier on engines, biodiesel is also easier on the environment.  If biodiesel is spilled during fueling it is not toxic to the environment unlike number 2 diesel. For more information about biodiesel visit http://www.biodiesel.org/

The Wall Company Signs Exclusive Distribution Agreement With HercuWall

March 2009

The Wall Company has become the exclusive distributor of HercuWall insulated concrete forms (ICF) in the State of Arizona. This strategic alliance positions The Wall Company to be a leading provider in the next generation of "green" construction in Arizona. "ICF is something we have looked at for a while, now that HercuWall has come online, we feel this technology is finally the break though that makes ICF viable for production homes" said Scott McDonald, President of The Wall Company. "The large panels and ease of use make HercuWall the Best ICF on the market and the innovative design cuts concrete usage in half as compared to other ICF systems. To find out more about HercuWall visit, www.hercuwall.com.

The Wall Company Offers Slab On Grade Construction

December 2008

Continuing with our turn key approach the Wall Company recently added slab on grade construction to its growing list of services.

With our vertically integrated approach we will meet or beat your scheduling requirements while delivering superior quality by highly skilled craftsmen all done at a competitive price.

Submit your project plans today for fast turn around pricing with suggestions for value engineering to help reduce project costs.


The Wall Company Moves Into Demolition

September 2008

The Wall Company has added demolition to its list of services. Our efficient team has the expertise and equipment to make short work of your demolition project. And because of our long history of pad & site preparation we can offer a level of expertise that is superior to the competition. When your future construction requires de-constructing the past, call The Wall Company.


T.W. Lewis Taps The Wall Company As The Best

Dec 2007

The Wall Company was chosen as the "Subcontractor of the Year" by T.W. Lewis Co. The title is an annual award to recognize trade partners that best represent T.W. Lewis' ethos that "Honesty, fairness and integrity guide every business decision."

"We are honored to be selected for this recognition" says Scott McDonald, president of The Wall Company. "T.W. Lewis partners with the leading subcontractors in the business, and to be chosen as best among the best is really a testament to the hard work of every member of the Wall Company team."

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Basement Boom: Could lower-level living save you?

July 2007

By Tim Vetscher

Call it a basement boom. 
Despite the fact that only two percent of all homes in the Valley have basements, more and more people are opting for lower-level living. 

Scott McDonald, President of The Wall Company which builds the majority of basements in and around Phoenix, says given the choice six out of every 10 new home buyers are choosing to have a basement. 
One of the reasons for the trend is energy efficiency. 

The Wall Co. Completes Basements In Less Than 3 Weeks

February 2007

The Wall Company has developed a basement construction process that shortens the usual 45 day build cycle down to as little as 15 days in most cases. In addition the process makes for a safer & more efficient working environment for home framing with a basement.

The resulting schedule allows for all basement construction steps to be preformed in less than three weeks instead of a month and a half. Another advantage is that the entire house can be framed at one time. Builders that have tried the new process have been pleased with the increased efficiency for construction. Safety managers appreciate a safer working environment and the workers are glad to have one less obstacle in the way of getting the job done.

Just one more example of how The Wall Company is dedicated to being an industry partner for concrete basement construction.

The Wall Company Now Offers Poured Basement Floors

January 2007

The Wall Company has added basement floor pouring and finishing to its list of basement construction services. With the addition of poured floors we can now complete all phases of basement construction. The primary benefit to our customers is ease of scheduling and decreased construction cycle times. When combined with our new bracing system the basement build time can be dramatically cut from 45 days down to as little as 15 days.

Aggregate Delivered And Placed Perfectly

January 2007

The Wall Company has recently added the ability to not only deliver your aggregate, but also precisely place the material for you. A conveyance system which is remotely operated by the driver allows for precision placement of a wide variety of aggregates in any conceivable location up to 60 feet away. Even in areas that were previously impossible or prohibitive. In minutes the load of aggregate can be delivered and placed with precision, eliminating or greatly reducing the laborious task of spreading the aggregate.

Safety Fencing To Secure Basement Construction From Start To Finish

November 2006

The Wall Company now offers the delivery and placement of temporary fencing for your basement projects. Keep your site safe and secure from excavation till basement completion, reducing the potential for costly liabilities.

Fencing may be rented at a flat rate or may be priced by the foot on a monthly rate.

Emergency Exit Window Wells

July 2006

The Wall Company now offers Lifelines™ Emergency Exit Window Wells by Marflex. These window wells feature built-in steps and handrails for easy egress in emergencies. A built-in floor that channels water away with the drain and contoured bottom for maintenance-free construction is another advantage. The plastic unibody construction won't dent or rust and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

The Wall Company Premieres It's New DVD

March 2006

Did you ever wonder what basement construction really involves, but do not have time to spend a week at the job site?

The Wall Company has taken the mystery out of basement construction and condensed it into a six-minute, fast-paced presentation that you can view from the convenience of your desk-top or TV. "The Wall Company: Building Quality from the Ground Up" is a professionally produced DVD that shows the entire process of building a basement. Other chapters include: an introduction to The Wall Company, pad & site preparation capabilities as well as a series of testimonials of a few of The Wall Company's Clients.

Contact The Wall Company today for your free copy.

New Headquarters Ready For Operations

February 2006

The Wall Company recently celebrated the completion of their new headquarters in the heart of Gilbert, Arizona, just east of Phoenix. The new building marks continued expansion for The Wall Company and is reflective of the outstanding growth within the company. Moreover, the larger professional office building, shop and equipment storage facility also highlights the diversification of the company.

"Our service area is experiencing dramatic growth which is reflective of the growth in the Valley and we are on the leading edge, providing new products and services," said Scott McDonald, president. "The dedication of our new headquarters is part of our continued commitment to the building and construction industry and our commitment to providing a safe and convenient work environment for our employees."

The new 50,000 square foot building shares the site with a two acre equipment storage yard, R & D facility, machine shop and fuel depot, just off Mesa Drive in Gilbert.